Yeet Me in St. Louis: Humorous Crime Fiction From Under the Arch

Yeet: Transitive Verb: to throw especially with force and without regard for the thing being thrown.

The St. Louis Arch is one of the most iconic symbols of the Midwest. It presides over a city filled with great music, barbecue and blues. But under every city lies an undercurrent of crime, mischief and murder. Yeet Me in St. Louis is a humorous crime fiction anthology to showcase the writing talent of this terrific American city, and is the first installment in our new Humorous Crime Across the Country series celebrating the best humorous crime fiction from around the United States.


1. Your work must take place in St. Louis and the Arch needs to make an appearance in the story (although it does not need to be the main location for the story).
2. This anthology is for the celebration of the city of St. Louis and of St. Louis/Missouri authors. This anthology is only open to authors currently living in or having lived in St. Louis and/or Missouri. Please be ready to prove this should your story be accepted.
3. Humor must be a very strong element, but you still must have a STORY and a good crime/mystery.
4. LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC characters and authors very, very strongly encouraged. Be authentic!
5. All works must be original to this publication and cannot have been published or self-published previously.
6. We’re perfectly ok with simultaneous submissions to other publishers, but please let us know if you’d like your story withdrawn from consideration.


1. We’re not looking for flash fiction, but we’re not against it if it works. Prefer more in the regular short story length (3000-5000 words).
2. All submissions need to be in DOC, DOCX or Pages format. Everyone knows by now that we don’t care about fonts and spacing and all that other stuff.
3. All entries should be sent to with YEET in the subject heading. All entries will be acknowledged.
4. All submissions need to be received no later than 11:59PST, April 30th, 2024. Decisions will be made by May 15th. We will do our best to notify authors early if their work is not accepted, but they cannot be resubmitted. Estimated publication is July 2024.
5. Stories will pay $25 per contributor, due within 90 days of publication of the anthology. Contributors have the choice of receiving $25 or applying it towards author copies. All contributors will receive an ebook copy and deep discounts on paperback versions. Our anthology agreement gives us exclusive rights for six months from publication date, then non-exclusive rights thereafter, meaning that contributors are free to reuse their story in any manner they wish after the first six months of publication.
6. Original stories only, no reprints.
7. The anthology will be limited to no more than 12 stories.
8. This anthology will be published under a special “Sandra Murphy Presents” imprint of our White City Press house.

Please direct all questions to Yeet anthology editor Sandra Murphy at

(212) 862-3680
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